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Woodrush High School has a proud culture of celebrating student success. 

Immediately in Year 7, students will have the opportunity to collect merits.  These merits have electronic codes that can be inputted on-line and then transferred into various prizes.  These include anything from stationary items to free prom tickets in Year 11.  

These merits are also totalled and contribute towards House competitions.

Your child will also have the opportunity to collect badges that can be sewn onto their blazers.  These badges are to acknowledge any specific achievements linked to certain subject areas, which may include anything linked to attainment, participation, effort or progress.

Any successes or achievements in school are also celebrated during weekly Year group assemblies and termly House assemblies. 

We also hold awards events that parents are invited to attend.  


Gold Award merit given by form tutors for exemplary behaviour and punctuality to lessons/registration over a half-term.  This is also awarded to students for other noteworthy and significant achievements.  The Gold Award merit has the value of 5 merits. 

Subject merits are awarded to students by subject teachers for things like excellent effort, progress or attitude to learning in lessons.  This merit has the value of 1 merit.  

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